Time Draws a Line

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It was Hugh's favorite time of the night. The show had been over for hours, and they'd get to the next city by late morning, probably. It just seemed like the night would go on and on. Like it'd last forever.

And Hugh was okay with that, he really was. Trent, Tim, and Dale had been drinking and playing cards out in the front of the tour bus; they were probably all passed out up there now. It was just him and Callum in the back. He loved sitting here in the dark like this, sitting on his bed, next to Callum, smoking, talking about nothing and everything. Callum always got Hugh, no matter how crazy Hugh talked.

It was easy. Silences between them, like this one, were never awkward, just quiet, comfortable. Rather than break the silence to ask for it, Hugh reached over Callum's lap to grab the ashtray that was sitting next to him. And if there was any sort of tingling feeling in his hand when it brushed Callum's hip, he thought nothing of it. Happened all the time, actually. Hugh lit his cigarette and concentrated on inhaling and exhaling. He fucking loved this time of night.

Callum managed to stay quiet through most of Hugh's cigarette. Then, "It's fucking cold in here," he bitched.

Hugh rolled his eyes. "It's November in Canada. What the fuck did you expect?"

"Shut up," was Callum's only response. He grabbed the blanket from the bottom of Hugh's bed, spread it over himself and then tossed some over for Hugh too. The bastard could be thoughtful sometimes. Hugh put out his cigarette and leaned over to put the ashtray on the little shelf next to the bed. Spilling ashtrays on your bed just sucked. Then Hugh wrapped himself in the blanket next to Callum. When he put his right hand down and it landed in Callum's left, they laced their fingers without any thought.

"So, I been thinking," Hugh started. Callum had fucked up the quiet anyway. "You know how Bruce is making me sign that contract?"

"Yeah." Callum knew which contract he meant. The one that made him promise to stay completely sober during the filming. One of the downsides to working with someone who knew you as well as Bruce knew Hugh.

"Maybe it's a good thing, you know? Like maybe I could keep it that way when the movie's done."

Hugh was pretty sure Callum didn't even realize he'd squeezed Hugh's hand. "Yeah," he said slowly, and Hugh knew Callum wasn't just saying yes for the sake of it. "Yeah, I think you could. Sucks a lot and it's a pain in the fucking ass, but in the end, it's worth it."

See, that was it. That was it, right fucking there. Callum knew this shit. He'd done it. And he wouldn't lie to Hugh about it either. Callum would say it was hard because it was. And he would admit that he missed it sometimes because he did. He'd never pretty it up and tell Hugh that all he had to do was put his mind to it, and go take a fucking walk or something when he was thirsty because what fucking good would a walk do?

Callum had done it. So why couldn't he? Why shouldn't he?

Hugh shifted and moved to lie down, Callum by his feet and his hands under his head. His mind was full of the inevitable doubts. Maybe he couldn't do it. Touring would be hard without it. Touring without the booze and the smack and Callum would be...fuck, it'd be painful. He was sober tonight. As the days went by and the shooting drew nearer, he'd been staying sober a lot more. Trying to make it a habit. But he also had Callum to distract him.

Like he was now. Callum squeezed himself between Hugh and the wall, lying down with his head resting on Hugh's arm. Hugh lay silent and still for a minute, just breathing in Callum. When his arm started to hurt, he unfolded it but kept it under Callum's head. His left hand came across his chest to rest between them, and his fingers laced themselves with Callum's again.

Just when Callum's breathing had evened a little and Hugh thought he might be asleep, Callum rolled over onto his side to face him and said quietly, "I do think you can." Hugh closed his eyes for a moment, took that in. He turned his head towards Callum and looked at him. Hugh wanted to reply, at least thank Callum or something, but his breath caught in his throat.

Callum was so fucking close. He was right fucking there. Hugh cast his eyes downward so that Callum couldn't see them. Who the hell knew what he'd see there? Instead, Hugh's eyes just ended up at Callum's mouth. And, fuck, he'd been trying to ignore that for days. Callum knew what Hugh was staring at. He may not have known that Hugh jerked off in the shower that morning thinking about that mouth, but he knew Hugh'd been looking at it. He must've, because that mouth slowly curled into a half-smile, half-smirk. And his tongue came out for a second to wet his lips.

Hugh looked up to glare at Callum, who was smiling outright by that point. Callum opened his mouth to say something, and Hugh took that perfect moment and made it his, leaning in and putting his mouth on Callum's. Hugh's tongue found its way into Callum's already-open mouth and introduced itself to his.

Without letting go of Callum's hand, Hugh pushed him over and rolled on top of him. He pulled his right arm out from under Callum's head and pinned both of Callum's hands on either side of his head. Callum shoved his hips up against Hugh, and even through layers of clothes, Callum's dick felt good. Callum pulled his hands out from under Hugh's to run them up Hugh's back, under his t-shirt. And fuck, Callum's hands felt so fucking good on his skin. So good. Callum reached down between them, pushed Hugh up a bit, and started fumbling with belts and zippers and buttons.

Hugh gasped when Callum finally--after hours, days, weeks of waiting--finally put his hand on Hugh’s dick. "Shhh," Callum whispered with a warning look. Hugh bit his lip to keep quiet, but it was really fucking hard when his cock touched Callum's.

God. Fuck. So fucking good.

Hugh leaned down to lick his way back into Callum's mouth. No one should ever taste that damn good. Hugh knew he'd be craving this forever. Callum was thrusting up against Hugh, jerking them both off together. Hugh tore his mouth from Callum's and buried his face between Callum's neck and shoulder. Callum's fast, heavy breathing in his ear sounded louder than the crowd at that night's show.

Callum's breath became more shallow, and he was pumping their dicks almost rough enough to hurt. Hugh knew he was close. He bit and sucked Callum's earlobe and whispered things about how hot Callum was. How he'd wanted this. How good Callum's dick felt against his own. How he knew how much Callum wanted him.

Callum bucked under Hugh, buried his face in Hugh's neck, and came all over himself and Hugh. Callum kept jerking Hugh, rubbing his own come onto Hugh's cock, and that was enough to send Hugh over the edge. He bit Callum's shoulder as he came, to keep from crying out and saying things he shouldn't. Things he might regret. Things that would let Callum know just how much power he had over Hugh. Things that he knew two people in their positions shouldn't be saying to each other.

Hugh collapsed on top of Callum. "Fuck," Callum whispered in Hugh's ear, sounding satisfied.

"Yeah," Hugh agreed. With a lot of effort, he lifted himself off of Callum and took off his t-shirt. Callum, the asshole, had already wiped his hands all over it, so Hugh might as well use it to clean them both up. He did, and afterwards the two of them lay side by side holding hands.

Hugh was drifting off when he felt Callum start to get up. Hugh grabbed his arm and pulled him back down so that he landed half on top of Hugh. "What?" Callum whispered.

"Stay here."

"I can't. You know that."

"Oh, come on. They all know about me. You think you're the first guy groupie I fucked?"

Callum stared at him for a second. Then he seemed to notice Hugh's smile and smiled back. "No. You think you're the first guy co-star I fucked?"

Hugh laughed and leaned in to kiss Callum. While he was distracting Callum with a soft, happy kiss, he rolled them over so that he was mostly on top of Callum, and then settled in there. "Just stay here," he said tiredly. "Then you can wake me up with a blowjob."

Callum punched him in the shoulder. "You're an optimistic little fuck, aren't you?"

"Don't worry, sweetie, you'll enjoy it too," Hugh teased.

Callum shoved Hugh off of him, but curled in next to him. "Fuck you. Just go to sleep."

Hugh put his arm around Callum, to make sure he wouldn't escape--he was really looking forward to that blowjob wake-up call--and drifted off to sleep.

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