We'll Take It

Disclaimer: I made the whole thing up, except for the parts that I borrowed from the tv show Due South.

Notes: Thanks to Clueless for the beta!

"Stanley, what are you doing on Saturday?" Vecchio called across the fairly empty bullpen as he worked his way to Kowalski's desk.

"Uhh, not sure," he answered. When Vecchio got closer, Ray added, "Probably eating corn chips and masturbating. Why?"

"Christ. You're sick, you know that?"

Ray leered at Vecchio, leaned in, and said, "Yeah, I know. And you love it." He ignored Vecchio's disgusted look. Vecchio really did love it because Vecchio loved him. Then he got a little more serious. Well, serious for Kowalski. "No, really, I don't have plans. What's up?"

"I found a new Riv - "

Kowalski looked surprised. "Another one? I thought they were extinct due to Canada."

"Surprisingly, no. They are, however, extinct in Chicago. It's out by Ashton. And I still hold you accountable for that last one, by the way."

"It was on fi-re," Ray said with exaggerated enunciation. "What the hell else was I gonna do?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard it all before."

Ray rolled his eyes. "So what does this new Riv have to do with my Saturday?"

Vecchio sighed. "If you would shut up for a second, I'd tell you. Look, I don't wanna buy another one if it's gonna fall apart when I get it off the lot. You wanna come take a look at it before I buy it?"

Kowalski looked skeptical. "All the way in Ashton? That's in the middle of nowhere. And it's like two hours away. For a Buick Riviera. I don't know how I feel about that."

Vecchio gave him a hard stare. "And if it was a Pontiac GTO? Besides, I know you don't have plans on Saturday because we didn't make any. So this will give you something to do."

"I am capable of making my own plans, thanks. And they don't always involve you. I do some stuff alone," was Kowalski's testy answer. Vecchio just gave him a pointed look and walked off in the direction of the breakroom. "Well, I could anyway ," Kowalski said under his breath. But wasn't the point of being in a relationship so that you'd have someone to do stuff with? Well, that and sex. So Ray didn't have to make plans alone because Ray was always there.


He couldn't keep his eyes off of Kowalski's ass. It was just wrong. No one should look that good in crappy, beat-up jeans (but they were worn thin in all the right places) and a plain old white t-shirt (but it was just tight and thin enough). Right then, Kowalski finished tightening something and wiped his hands on his jeans. Mostly on his thighs. The backs of them. Fuck.

"Ray." Vecchio rarely used that name unless he wanted something, and Kowalski knew it. He paused a moment before standing up and turning to face Vecchio.

"Ray," was all Kowalski said back, in the same tone.

"We need to take this for a test drive. Now."

Kowalski shook his head and bent back under the hood. "I'm almost done. Five more minutes, Vecchio."

"If I drive it right now, will it blow up? Will I die?" When Kowalski shook his head and started to say something, Vecchio interrupted him. "Then if you don't get in the goddamn car right now, I will slam this hood down on your head."

Kowalski shrugged, looking not at all intimidated by Vecchio's threatening tone. "Whatever. Your car." He gave Vecchio a big, cheeky grin and climbed into the passenger seat.

Vecchio started the car and pulled out of the parking lot a little too fast. "Jeez, slow down. I didn't finish looking it over, remember?"

Vecchio's knuckles were white on the steering wheel. "Yeah, well, do me a favor? Next time you're gonna bend over a hood like that, don't wear those jeans. And wear a t-shirt that hasn't been washed to threads."

Being a detective and all, Kowalski was pretty quick on the uptake sometimes. "Ohhh, is that what this is about? You don't like my clothes? Are we going shopping?" Man, Kowalski could be so irritating. He got so much damn enjoyment out of pissing Vecchio off.

"No, we're not going shopping," Vecchio said through gritted teeth.

"Oh. Are we going to get something to eat? I'm kind of hungry." Kowalski slid just a little closer and put his hand on Vecchio's thigh. Inner thigh, really. Almost the crotch.

"Quit it, Kowalski."

"Quit what? I'm just trying to guess where we're going." He looked like he was having way too much fun, which would have pissed Vecchio off even more, if he hadn't been distracted by Kowalski's hand now on his crotch.

"Just calm yourself for a second. Im not killing this Riv before I even buy it." Vecchio's involuntary hip movements, though, told another story.

"Hm. What's this?" Ray said as he leaned over, practically into Vecchio's lap.

"What?" Vecchio snapped. He sounded as frustrated as he felt, but it wasn't his fault. Driving with a hard-on and your (very obviously also hard and turned-on) partner's hand rubbing your dick was as bad as driving drunk.

Kowalski didn't answer, just went for the zipper of Vecchio's pants.

"Christ!" Vecchio cried when he figured out what Ray was doing. "Dammit, Stanley, I'm driving!"

"Yeah, I know. Keep going," was Ray's unconcerned comment.

"I'm trying!" But Kowalski couldn't answer back because he mouth was suddenly full of Ray's dick. "Holy fuck!" Vecchio practically jumped out of his seat.

"Mmmm," was the only answer he got, as Kowalski went after his dick like it was the best thing he had ever tasted. Vecchio did the best he could to pull off onto a dirt road that intersected on the right. He barely got the car into park before he shifted sideways to give Kowalski better access. Kowalski took whatever Vecchio offered and wanted more. He lifted his head for a second, but only to pull down Vecchio's pants and silk boxers. Vecchio's hand was fisted in Kowalski's t-shirt, so Ray reached back as best he could, and moved Vecchio's hand into his hair. Vecchio interpreted that as, "Use me. Fuck my mouth." And if that wasn't the hottest thing Vecchio'd never heard... So he did. He pushed and pulled Kowalski's head and thrust into that hot, wet heaven of his mouth.

Kowalski was doing that thing with his tongue, and his hands were everywhere, and then on Vecchio's balls and then a finger sliding back behind his balls and then it went in and then there were colors everywhere, and then no colors, just white, and he couldn't breathe. He couldn't breathe, and he could only cry Ray's name as he came. Kowalski was greedily taking everything he could get from Vecchio, leaving him with nothing.

Vecchio tried to catch his breath. "Oh god. Oh fuck." Right. Breathe, don't talk. Instead of trying to string together a coherent thought, he just pulled Kowalski to him and devoured his mouth. He tasted himself and Ray together and it was the most delicious flavor he'd ever experienced. And he was Italian, so that was saying a lot.

Vecchio pulled back from Kowalski, and dropped his head back on the headrest, still trying to steady his breathing. Kowalski just sat there, and Vecchio couldn't figure out how Kowalski could be that turned on (because he was, he was hard, and he was lightly stroking himself through his jeans) and still look so fucking smug.

There was only one way to get that stupid smile off Kowalski's face. Vecchio lunged over (God bless bench seats!) and took Kowalski's mouth with his own. He struggled a little, but got Ray's jeans undone pretty quickly. His hand was reaching for Kowalski's cock as his tongue went for his tonsils. Ray was moaning under him, and thrusting his dick into Vecchio's hand. Kowalski pulled his mouth away and turned his head so that he could breathe. Vecchio's mouth went right to Kowalski's ear, spent some time there licking, biting, kissing that spot just behind it that drove Kowalski crazy, murmuring things he knew would get to him. Vecchio bit the lobe of Kowalski's ear, then sucked it into his mouth to soothe it. When he bit down again, Kowalski started writhing under him. Vecchio's hand increased its speed, and then Kowalski was coming all over his stomach, shouting Ray's name.

Vecchio backed off slowly, still kissing and stroking Kowalski, bringing him back to reality gently. And then he was the one sitting back with an arrogant smile. "Christ, Vecchio. If I knew a Riv would get me that, I'd have had one waiting for you when Fraser ruined your cover," Kowalski said breathlessly.

Vecchio laughed. "I knew you liked the Riv."

"I like sex in the Riv. There's a difference."

"So it's kinda like how I feel about the GTO, then?" Vecchio teased.

Kowalski looked indignant. "No! You love the Goat!"

"If you say so Seriously, though, you think it's good? We'll go back to the dealer, you can finish checking it out?"

Kowalski gave Vecchio one of those cocky smiles that he was so good at. "Dumbass. I was done with it ten minutes before we left the lot. I just thought you were enjoying the view. I was waiting for you to want to take it for a spin." Kowalski's double entendre wasn't really all that subtle.

Vecchio was pissed because he knew his surprise showed on his face. "You fucker." He continued cursing under his breath as he turned the keys in the ignition. He made a U-turn and headed back to the main road and the dealership. One of these days, he was going to figure out how to wipe that damn smug, arrogant look from Kowalski's face.

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