One Night in Toronto

Disclaimer: I made the whole thing up.

Notes: Massive amounts of thanks to BrooklineGirl for helping me figure out what the hell to write, telling me the first draft didn't work AT ALL, and doing the first beta on this. Clueless deserves lots of hugsnkisses for helping me keep my sanity, as well as for her beta work. MrsRonWeasleyand JustBreathe80 were also instrumental in the final version of this. I love each and every one of you for many reasons, but especially for putting up with me on this! (It's my first threesome, ok? I needed lots of help...)

Amy glanced around. The apartment seemed pretty nice. It wasn't too small, and it was actually really neat for a guy living by himself. Not that it mattered all that much; they were only staying for a night anyway.

Amy hadn't ever really had an opportunity to visit Toronto, so Cutter decided it was one of the things they had to do while it was still standing. He'd made all the arrangements and they were staying with a friend of Lennox's. Craig Z-something. Zwiller, that was it. Craig Zwiller.

At the moment, Craig was down at the car, getting a pack of cigarettes he'd left there. Amy wandered over and opened the door to the kitchen. She stood and stared for a minute, and then could only whisper, "Holy shit."

"What?" Cutter asked from his seat on the couch. He twisted until he was kneeling on the cushions and hanging over the back.

Amy didn't turn around, just vaguely gestured her hand in his direction and said, "Come here. You have got to see this."

Cutter came up and then pushed past her to get a better look. "Goddamn. What the hell is this?" After a moment, he asked, "Do you think he's done all this stuff?"

"I don't know," Amy said distractedly. "I bet it's a list of things to do before the end." She looked around, reading lists of sexual fantasies, including things like being beaten and tied up with silk stockings and sex with a pregnant woman.

"Hey, look," Cutter pointed at the "multiple partners" section: threesome - two men, one woman. "We can help with that." He raised his eyebrows suggestively at Amy.

Amy laughed. "Right. Yeah, okay." But when she caught the look on Cutter's face, Amy stopped laughing. "You''re serious, aren't you?"

Cutter looked like he surprised himself a little when he said, "Well, yeah, kind of. I mean, it's just a thought. Might be kinda fun, though."

Amy was trying to figure out if Cutter was really, really serious. Because, well, it just might be fun. It wasn't like she hadn't ever considered the possibility of something like this. And, what the hell, it wasn't like there was a whole lot of time for regrets if it turned out to be a bad idea. And wow, the more she thought about the two of them touching each other, the more turned on she got.

"Craig is kinda hot..." Amy gave Cutter an "I dare you" look as she stood in front of him and wrapped her arms around his waist. That was the thing about marrying someone who'd been your drinking buddy for a time and your friend for even longer. You knew just how to talk him into things you knew he was reluctant to admit he wanted to try. It wasn't the guy thing, she'd known all about Cutter and Lennox years ago; it was more the sharing thing that she knew he had minor doubts about.

"Yeah," Cutter said slowly, considering. "Yeah, he's a pretty good-looking guy."

That was as far as the discussion went before they heard the front door open. Amy was fairly sure that her face showed the same guilty look that Cutter's and Craig's had.

Craig was the first one to speak. "Shit. I, uh, forgot to mention that you probably should avoid the kitchen." He turned a little red and rubbed the back of his neck, avoiding looking at either Amy or Cutter. Amy had a feeling that he wasn't quite as guilty or embarrassed as he seemed to be. He'd been gone for a little longer than it should have taken to grab cigarettes out of the car and come back up. Unless he'd stood out there smoking at least four before he came inside, which she doubted.

Amy tried to give them all time to consider the situation. "Actually I was going to ask who your decorator was, but I just don't think I'll get the opportunity to redo my kitchen in the six weeks before the world ends." Amy shot Cutter a questioning look and they had a quick, wordless conversation.

Okay, then. How hard could it be to initiate a threesome with your husband and a near-stranger? Amy walked over and took Craig's arm. "You know, I have to admit, I'm rather curious about all this. Is it a to-do list?"

"Well, yeah, pretty much. Stuff I'd like to accomplish while I can," Craig answered nonchalantly. Amy could feel that he was starting to gain a bit of confidence in himself and the possibilities presented when he straightened a little, tightened his hold on her arm.

"Huh. Interesting. How long have you had this done?" She was aware of Cutter the whole time, standing behind them. He wasn't close enough to feel, but she knew where he was, even as she leaned, just a little bit, into Craig.

"About two weeks now. So I've got a start." This was a lifetime of planning, Amy knew that, no matter how matter-of-fact and blasť Craig sounded.

She smiled. "Every little bit helps, right?" She had walked Craig over to the "multiple partners" list. "Tried that yet?" she asked, pointing.

Craig shook his head. "Ah, nope. Not yet." The guy had the longest list of pornographic fantasies ever compiled in one room. Why the hell hadn't he jumped all over this? God. Men. You could hit them over the head with a box of condoms and they still wouldn't get it sometimes. It had taken Cutter fucking forever to figure it out.

Amy held back a sigh. "Interested?" she practically purred. If nothing else, she knew just how much this was turning Cutter on when she heard a sharp intake of breath behind her.

"Oh. Um. I..."

Cutter moved to stand behind Amy. He put his hands on her shoulders and leaned down to whisper, "I think you should kiss him."

Amy flashed what she knew was her sexy smile. "Yeah," she answered Cutter out loud, but looked at Craig. "I think I should kiss him, too." She stayed where she was, leaning back on Cutter, but grabbed Craig by the back of the neck and pulled him to her.

Fuck, the bastard had played her. He opened his mouth to her right away and Amy slid her tongue against his and her hands to his shoulders. Craig cradled her face in his hands and took a step closer. Amy felt Cutter's hands skim past her hips and end up on Craig's. Cutter was sliding his hands up under Craig's shirt, running them over his chest and his back. Craig moaned and tried to step even closer.

If Craig fucked as well as he kissed, Amy figured she could forgive the now-obvious setup. She pulled back to catch her breath. She gestured vaguely and Craig and Cutter got the hint. And goddamn if that wasn't the hottest fucking thing Amy had ever seen. The two of them, kissing right over her shoulder. There were flashes of tongues, there were moans, there was touching. She was still stuck in the middle of them, but it didn't make the least bit of difference how smothered she was. There was no way in hell she was moving.

Cutter's hands had moved from Craig's chest to Amy's. She loved the familiarity of his hands. They slid under her shirt, under her bra, and lightly over her nipples. Cutter knew how much that drove her crazy. She could feel his hard dick behind her, rubbing against her. She felt Craig as well, falling into the rhythm Cutter had set, his cock pushing against her at a steady pace. She pushed back even more into Cutter, put her hands on Craig's ass and pulled him in closer. Her head fell back on Cutter's shoulder as it all became too much: watching them kiss, Cutter's hands on her tits, Craig's hands under her jeans and on her ass, feeling both hard cocks, feeling them both use her. Fuck, this alone was incredible. She was gonna come before any of their clothes even came off. She was, she was so close, and she tried to fuck Craig through the layers of clothes, and closer, and Cutter's hands were all over her tits and pinching her nipples, and she was there and she cried out as she came.

But it wasn't enough. It made her want more. She needed skin. She needed to touch. She needed to be touched. She grabbed at Craig's shirt; he let her pull it over his head. She turned and kissed Cutter. She felt his hands unbuttoning her jeans and she felt Craig's hands slide around her waist and dip below the waistband and into her panties. As Craig's fingertips reached her clit, Cutter was pulling her jeans off.

Cutter ran his hands up her legs. He kissed his way up from her knee to her little black silky panties. As his tongue ran under the elastic, he pulled them down and helped her out of them as well. But his mouth stayed where it was. She could feel his tongue and Craig's fingers. Fingers sliding through her wetness and dipping inside, but not far enough. Her hips bucked, she wanted, she needed more.

Cutter stood up and lifted her onto the kitchen table. He wasted no time spreading her legs and putting his mouth to her clit. Craig leaned over and kissed her, hot and dirty, but short. He lifted her back up to take off her shirt and then he licked and nipped his way down to her tits. She arched her back again so that he could get to her bra. As he slid it off, he sucked one nipple through his teeth and the painful pleasure of that had her coming around Cutter's tongue. And god, it was so good. So, so fucking good.

Amy tried to catch her breath a little, and propped herself up on her elbows. She caught Cutter's eye for a brief moment, and then glanced at Craig, who was standing right next to him and slowly running his hand up and down his own cock. Amy looked back at Cutter and smiled. His attention had turned to Craig. Cutter turned slightly, and licked up the underside of Craig's cock. Craig cried out, sounding surprised and incredibly turned on. He grabbed Cutter's hair and leaned back against the table. Amy sat up and shifted over a couple of inches until she was directly behind him, legs on either side, hands running over his chest and arms, mouth on his neck and throat. Over Craig's shoulder, she could see Cutter kneeling in front of him, and that was the hottest thing she'd seen since they'd kissed around her earlier. She hugged Craig close, loving the feel of his back up against her tits.

Craig was close; she could tell. Cutter stopped trying to keep him still and just let Craig fuck his mouth. Amy loved watching this, loved seeing this side of Cutter. When they were young, she'd known about Cutter and Lennox, was one of the very few people that did, but she didn't think she'd ever fully realized it until now: Chris Cutter liked sucking dick. He fucking loved it.

Amy continued mouthing and sucking Craig's neck, and then moved up to nip his earlobe. God, he was so close, she could feel it. Just a little more. Oh, yeah-- She moved back down and bit his shoulder, hard enough to leave a mark as his hips jerked forward, even deeper into Cutter's mouth. He was coming and he was shaking and shouting and Cutter was swallowing around him, sucking and licking him through it, wasn't letting go until he'd gotten everything.

Cutter finally pulled off, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and stood. Craig grabbed him and kissed him, looked like he was trying to lick his way into Cutter and shoving his tongue down Cutter's throat. It was incredibly hot when she realized she could see that Craig was sucking Cutter's tongue.

Amy could watch them do that all day. She was wet again and she ran her fingers slowly over her clit. Cutter's eyes slit open and settled on her, sitting on the table. She was completely fucked out, but still wanted more. Cutter moved to stand between her legs. He cradled her face in his hands and gently kissed her. Craig was standing behind him, and when Cutter pulled back, Craig whispered something to him while he unbuttoned Cutter's jeans. Amy didn't pay any attention until Cutter answered with, "Hell yes." His voice was deep, almost a growl and the look in his eyes, predatory. He groaned and his eyes fluttered closed as Craig gripped him and stroked his cock a few times.

She lay back on the table, and Cutter bent down to kiss her again, his fingers playing with her tits. That was all the warning she got before he roughly thrust inside of her. God, she loved him when he was like this: so hard, so ready, just fucking her hard and fast until he came. He was usually so much more gentle, and she loved it when he forgot to treat her carefully, when he was almost just using her to get himself off. The table was the perfect height, he fit perfectly inside her, hit all the right spots. She caught Craig's gaze. She hadn't realized it would be so fucking hot to know they were being watched. Craig was standing just next to them, one hand just resting on Cutter's back, and the other gently stroking himself, though it was too soon for him to get hard again.

It wasn't long before she shuddered and came around Cutter. That was all he needed. He thrust into her once more, twice, three times, and then he was coming, holding her hips so tight it felt like he was leaving bruises.

Cutter collapsed, bent over Amy and rested his head in the middle of her chest. She ran her hands through his hair, and then gestured to Craig to move closer. She pulled him down and kissed him, hot and messy.

When Craig stood up again, he smiled and waved his hand vaguely. "So I guess we should, ah, head to the bedroom."

Amy laughed and Cutter said, "After seeing your kitchen, I'm almost afraid."

Craig grinned as he held out a hand to help Amy up from the table. "Oh, don't worry. I think you're going to like it."

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